Tilburg Institute of Governance

Tilburg Institute of Governance

Interdisciplinary research and teaching at the interface of Public Administration, Economics and Law

Tilburg School of Governance

Tilburg Institute of Governance

Truly multidisciplinary, innovative and operating on the frontier of knowledge. Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG) is unique. It is not just a research institute or an academic education program. It’s a community of outstanding scholars with an interest in public governance and public sector issues.

As an alliance of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and Tilburg Law School (TLS), TIG operates at the interface of the disciplines of Public Administration, Economics and Law. Each discipline offers different insights and tools to deepen our understanding of public governance issues.


  • 04 Oct 2017News

    Research grant for project on data-driven innovation in infrastructure
    What factors impede the implementation of data-driven innovation in infrastructure sectors and how can these impediments can be overcome? NWO has awarded a research grant of 500,000 euros to Prof. Saskia Lavrijssen (Tilburg Law School, TILEC) and Prof. Martijn Groenleer (Tilburg Law School, Tilburg School of Governance) for a project to investigate this as part of the Next Generation Infrastructures program. Read more