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The Tilburg Institute for Private Debt provides an open platform to promote research, education and networking, in the field of private debt.

Institutional Partner Benefits TiPD

The main benefit of TiPD institutional partnership is access to industry leaders and leading research from prominent scholars around the globe. Our research members are multi-disciplinary (law, finance, economics) and located in Europe, USA, Asia and elsewhere.

Exclusive access

TiPD members are notified by alerts about new papers, receive event reports and presentations, and other communications related to private debt. TiPD will also organise high quality non-bank private debt events around the world. Moreover and importantly, for our institutional partners, TiPD will organize exclusive access by organizing:

  • Small group and closed-shop roundtables with industry experts and leading scholars as well as
  • One-on-one interaction with TiPD researchers in the form of personal or online meetings (Teams, Zoom etc.) with the aim to exchange on current private debt developments and research topics.

Other benefits

We thus develop engaging and exclusive events for our institutional partners. Other benefits include: 

  • Belonging to a global network that is a home for all with an interest in non-bank private debt.
  • Receiving communications regarding academic papers, announcements and events.
  • Attendance at the Annual Members’ Conference (no charge), including a lecture, a dinner and more.
  • Priority for speaking opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, or attendance at private events.
  • A dedicated profile page on the TiPD website which is exposed to both industry experts and academics.
  • Affiliation with TiPD and the implicit recognition of being an institution that supports the development of knowledge in the field of non-bank private debt.
  • Contributing to world-class research by being supportive of projects at top universities around the globe.

Access to Events

Many of our events are by invitation only (particularly the academic conferences, roundtables and one-on-one meetings), however if there are any events that you as an institutional member are particularly interested in, you can contact us at any time and we will investigate the possibility of attendance. We will also share materials (papers, slides, videos) from our events with our members whenever possible.

The Annual Members’ Meeting usually takes place in Spring, typically organized alongside our annual conference. All members are welcome to attend this event free of charge. It is a good opportunity to meet with other members, learn more about TiPD’s plans for the future, and engage with leading practitioners and scholars in the field of non-bank private debt.

Institutional Partner Profile Page

Institutional members have a dedicated profile page on the TiPD website. The page is managed and edited by TiPD, subject to Tilburg University policy. The profile page may contain the following information:

  • Institution name and logo
  • Contact information & link to institution website
  • Description field allowing for a short introduction of the institution (maximum 200 words)
  • Text field designated to describe the link to TiPD and how partners relate or contribute to TiPD research.
  • Profile of key individuals associated with the institution - each linking to LinkedIn.
  • Documents & links section to display papers,brochures, research, events etc
  • Related TiPD news items – highlights events, news, videos on the TiPD site that are connected to the institution or its representatives.
  • The page is managed and edited by TiPD.


The cost of Institutional Partner Membership is currently EUR 10,000 per annum (excluding VAT).

(correct as at November 2020)

Next Steps

If you are interested in institutional partner membership of TiPD, you can e-mail  to pascal.boeni@tilburguniversity.edu and we will be happy to provide additional information as required.