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Tilburg Institute for Private Debt (TiPD) organizes scholarly, practically relevant research in the field. We provide grants to researchers on a competitive basis and co-operate with other universities and institutions aiming to advance knowledge in private debt.

Research TiPD

Tilburg Institute for Private Debt (TiPD) organizes scholarly, practically relevant research in the field. We provide grants to researchers on a competitive basis and co-operate with other universities and institutions aiming to advance knowledge in private debt.

TiPD aims to focus on both corporate financing as well as investment research questions related to private debt. We are interested to co-operate with suppliers of high quality research data as well as researchers from other leading universities active in the field.

The core TiPD research activities are briefly described in the following:

Research Grants

TiPD provides grants to researchers on a competitive basis and co-operates with other universities and institutions aiming to advance knowledge in private debt. T

he size and number of grants provided depend on the budget and activity of TiPD. We expect to approve around half a dozen projects of one-year length and give grants of EUR5,000 to EUR 20,000 per project. Projects of longer time span may apply for continued support after completing the research specified for the grant year.

Typically, a research grant shall be provided to tenured researchers working at a highly recognized research institution. Grants amount from EUR 5’000 to EUR 25’000 and are based on the rules set out in the call for proposal.

Download Call for Proposals 

Finished research papers shall, upon approval of the academic board, be published in the TiPD Working Paper series.

Call for Papers: Working Paper Series

TiPD invites academics and scholars to submit research papers on private debt related topics. TiPD is going to establish a working paper series with the aim to foster and exchange the knowledge in the field of private debt.

The TiPD working paper series is a repository of academic research papers produced by highly qualified and renowned academics from across the globe. The series is managed by the academic board of TiPD and a team of chosen TiPD Editors.

The papers should focus on both accounting and finance fields related to private debt. The following rules apply:

  • Papers are reviewed and accepted for inclusion in the series once the academic board has determined whether or not they are suitable for TiPD. The academic board does not referee papers but merely screen them for suitability.
  • Papers may be authored or co-authored by renowned academics and scholars. No specific TiPD affiliation is requested. However, we prioritize papers submitted by research members in the screening process. Papers that are opinion pieces rather than research papers shall be rejected. Also, accounting or finance papers not related to private debt in a broad sense shall not be accepted.
  • Once a paper has been accepted for inclusion, a cover page in the TiPD format will be added and the paper is added to the Working Paper Series. Also, an alert is sent to all members of TiPD and the paper shall be featured on the website of TiPD.
  • The paper shall appear on the Working Paper Series page as well as in the newsfeed of TiPD. On both pages, the title and abstract, together with a download button for full access will appear. We provide a direct link to SSRN should the researcher present his/her paper in the correct TiPD formatting.
  • All accepted working papers shall be announced to TiPD members by sending a New Working Paper alert.  
  • All Working Paper Series papers shall be reviewed separately for potential presentation throughout other TiPD events, including the annual conference. If suitable, the author(s) shall be contacted.
Conference & Events – Presentations

In co-operation with various leading institutions from academia, industry leaders and policy makers, TiPD organizes an annual conference, seminars and webinars to foster the exchange of knowledge.

Researchers aiming to present research results at the annual conference or on other TiPD platforms are asked to send in papers according to the rules set out in a separate call for papers, sent out from time to time and published in suitable media. The academic board of TiPD will notify the designated speakers in advance of the conference whether papers or presentations are accepted for their inclusion in the annual conference or any other TiPD event and discuss the presentation format.

Case studies may also be presented by researchers or industry leaders, such as general partners of private debt funds, CFOs, bankers, policy makers etc. We encourage both success cases as well as cases about failures to support learning. Given the presentation format, we support short incident cases that require no pre-event reading.

Institutions or individuals wishing to share their knowledge and experience related to private debt are asked to contact the managing director: pascal.boeni@tilburguniversity.edu

Prior to doing this, please send a one page summary of your case study presentation including (1) the project title and (2) information on the case to be presented.

Conference & Events

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