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The Tilburg Institute for Private Debt provides an open platform to promote research, education and networking, in the field of private debt.

Research Member Benefits TiPD

Research Members are individuals appointed by TiPD based on the quality of their scholarship and contribution to private debt research. They are eligible to publish their research in the TiPD Working Paper Series. Membership, which is for the duration of their appointment, is free. TiPD accepts applications for research membership on a continuous basis.

Successful applicants will have an established research and publication track record in finance or accounting related to private markets and / or private debt. Alternatively, they document their interest in contributing to novel research in the area of private debt. The appointment of new research members will be published on the TiPD website and circulated by email to all members and parties interested in TiPD.

Applicants must, upon request and under clearly defined conditions of confidentiality, provide sufficient information to verify the research membership class. TiPD is not responsible for, nor does it screen or certify, the research policies or practices of its research members.

Research members are eligible to publish their research in the TiPD Working Paper Series. New papers are automatically notified to institutional partners, business members, and other research members as well as the larger TiPD community by means of e-mail alerts.

TiPD will also organize high quality non-bank private debt events around the world and invite contributors to the TiPD working paper series to present their research findings in various meeting formats. Research members have free access to our annual TiPD conference and are invited to present at this conference on a competitive basis.

Other research member benefits include: 

  • Belonging to a global network that is a home for all with an interest in non-bank private debt.
  • Receiving communications regarding academic papers, announcements and events.
  • Attendance at the Annual Members’ Conference (no charge).
  • Priority for speaking opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, or attendance at private events.
  • Mentioning on the TiPD website which is exposed to both industry experts and academics.
  • Affiliation with TiPD and the implicit recognition of being a researcher that supports the development of knowledge in the field of non-bank private debt.
  • Contributing to world-class research by being a research member of TiPD.

Research Member’s Website Presence

  • Research members are mentioned on the TiPD website. The page is managed and edited by TiPD and subject to Tilburg University policy. Our research members receive an opportunity to present themselves with
  • University / Research institution name and logo
  • Contact information & link to institution website


Research Membership is currently free of charge.

(correct as at November 2020)

Next Steps

Anyone who wishes to apply for research membership of TiPD can do so, using the online application.

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