Tilburg Law and Economics Center

About Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC)

The Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), a joint research center of the Tilburg Law School and the Tilburg School of Economics and Management, is a Center of Excellence at Tilburg University (TiU). Interdisciplinarity between law and economics is a key distinctive feature of TILEC, widely recognized and valued inside and outside Tilburg University. TILEC gathers economists and legal scholars to perform academically path-breaking and societally relevant research on the governance of economic activity. TILEC provides support for, and stimulates, the research activities of its members, thereby enhancing the intellectual climate at TiU.

At the start in 2002, 19 researchers were associated with TILEC. Today that number has grown to over 50. In over ten years of existence TILEC has achieved a high level of multidisciplinary collaboration between law and economics. Moreover, TILEC has built a reputation for delivering high-quality scientific output. Our annual reports present our organization, activities, research findings and other achievements of the past years.


For the period 2018-2023, we intend to focus our research efforts on the following themes which are at the core of the governance of economic activity and fully exploit the expertise acquired within TILEC since its creation. For each theme, two TILEC members, one from law, the other from economics, will take the lead in animating the group:

  • Institutions
  • Competition
  • Innovation

Read more on TILEC research.


TILEC members play a key role in (research) masters level and doctoral level education at the Law School and the School of Economics and Management. This summer, as part of Tilburg University’s Summer School, TILEC will offer an interdisciplinary course on ‘Global Business Law and Economics’. For more information on TILEC’s educational contribution, see our education page.

Partners and networks

TILEC has partners both inside and outside the university. It is also part of a number of international research networks.

  • CLEEN (Competition Law and Economics European Network)
    The current challenges in competition policy and market regulation require detailed assessments from both an interdisciplinary and an international perspective. In 2007, TILEC was instrumental in setting up a European network of research institutions with a similar focus: CLEEN.
  • CERRE (Centre on Regulation in Europe)
    Since 2012, TILEC is an academic member of the Center on Regulation in Europe (CERRE). TILEC member Pierre Larouche is Joint Academic Director of CERRE. CERRE is a Brussels-based non-profit organization that gathers regulatory authorities, regulated firms and research centers to provide studies, training and dissemination activities regarding regulatory practices in Europe. CERRE regularly organizes events about the regulation of European network industries and commissions independent studies about its various aspects.

TILEC thereby joins the ranks of a number of academic centers already affiliated with CERRE: Bocconi University, CCP at the University of East Anglia, IDEI at the University of Toulouse, the Mannheim Center for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI), and the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE).

TILEC activities

The activities of TILEC include:

  • cutting-edge research on the governance of economic activity that is at the same time academically groundbreaking and practically relevant;
  • meetings (academic seminars, workshops, conferences & policy events) to stimulate discussion, and to increase the speed of knowledge creation and dissemination;
  • an active visitors program;
  • contributions to first-tier (bachelors and masters) programs in law and in economics and to the education of PhD candidates in law or economics in the areas of activity of TILEC;
  • links and exchanges with other high-quality centers active in the same areas.

For more information on our past and upcoming activities see our events calendar.

Research visitors

TILEC welcomes academics and research students from other academic institutions working in the areas covered by the TILEC research program. Providing a first-rate academic environment and the necessary research facilities, TILEC is eager to host visitors who are interested in our research program and willing to interact with our members. Read more on research visitors.