TILEC - Economic Governance and Legitimacy

A short history of TILEC and its past accomplishments

TILEC was created in 2003 and its first positive evaluation occurred already in 2005.1 The parent schools then concluded a Second Agreement regarding TILEC covering the period 2007-2011.

As part of that agreement, TILEC prepared a first research program, entitled ‘Market Governance’. The performance of TILEC on that program was positively evaluated in 2011.2 Based on this, TILEC prepared its second research program, entitled ‘The Governance of Economic Activity’ covering the period 2012-2017. Meanwhile, in recognition of TILEC’s contribution to the academic reputation of Tilburg University (TiU), TILEC was granted the status of Center of Excellence in 2013.

Our second (outgoing) research program for the period 2012-2017 was entitled “The governance of economic activity”. The achievements and deliverables of TILEC’s second research program were positively evaluated in 2017.3 In this evaluation, the quality and quantity of TILEC research were regarded as ‘very high, placing TILEC among the global leaders in their field of law and economics’. In addition, TILEC was viewed as having acquired a unique position at the interface of economics and law, and as having developed into an outward-oriented and respected center of research excellence that is currently a global leader in its field.

Against this backdrop, we realize that TILEC is entering a consolidation phase. External recognition, as exemplified by prestigious personal grants or long-term collaborations with big private companies and public institutions, calls for reflecting anew about our strengths and achieving critical mass at the interstices of competition, innovation and regulation.

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