TILEC - Economic Governance and Legitimacy

PhD candidates TILEC

TILEC does not run its own PhD program but offers a congenial and collaborative research environment to research students affiliated with CentER and the Tilburg Law School. Research students join either institution and then become TILEC members. They are provided with regular supervision and support from academic experts from both the School of Economics and the School of Law. 

Selection procedure prospective PhD student TILT/TILEC

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD at TILEC please submit your portfolio to the following E-mail address: phd.ltms@tilburguniversity.edu

Please include the following information:

  • What kind of PhD track you want to pursue (employed PhD researcher, external PhD, PhD researcher with a grant/scholarship, other possibilities).
  • A 2-page research proposal;
  • A CV, including a list of publications and
  • Proposed supervisor(s) and why you want to opt for these supervisor(s).


More information about the PhD vacancies at Tilburg GraduateLaw School. Please note that the above-stated procedure within TILEC also applies for this type of PhD track.


Formal applications are administered through either CentER, Graduate School or Tilburg Graduate school of Law.

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