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TILEC Work in Progress: Moritz Suppliet

Licensing Agreements and Patent Pools
10:45-11:45, T 50A

Pricing of intellectual property rights (IPR) is crucial in the debate on the returns of innovation to social welfare. Policy makers and antitrust authorities have focused in particular on the price-setting of complementary patents that are essential to implement standardized technologies, e.g., non-excessive and non-discriminatory prices. This paper analyzes pricing of IPR in the market for complementary patents by using data on 186 contemporary patent pools, voluntary agreements between patent owners to jointly license their patents that cover standard essential technologies. The data finds varying pricing menus across pool, e.g., per unit royalties, percentage royalty, annual fees, max royalties per year, and compliant rates. Some pools provide early bird rates, discounts for fast reporting of sales and adoption of technologies, and special rates for small and medium enterprises. Two part tariffs and fixed fees are observed for very few pools. Pool rates are relatively stable and slightly decreasing over time, indicating the deterioration of the technology’s value with age.

When: 27 June 2018 10:45

End date: 27 June 2018 11:45