Tilburg Law and Economics Center

Events Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC)

TILEC members: You can make suggestions for seminar speakers here.

Conferences and workshops

Larger conferences and workshops, devoted to specific topics open to everyone interested in our research themes. More often than not, those events are used to bring together academics, policy-makers and representatives from the business world.

ClubMed and Club IO

In the Club Med (competition law), recent legal and policy developments are discussed, including Commission decisions, judgments of the European or US courts, legislative initiatives, and policy guidelines. In the Club Industrial Organization, these same developments are examined through the lens of economic analysis.


A seminar is devoted to a specific topic within the TILEC research program and typically involves one or two academic presentations (law and economics).


WIP Meetings are events where TILEC members present their own work at an early stage, for comments and discussion.