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TILEC Club Med: Thomas Tombal and Inge Graef

Date: Time: 10:45 Location: hybrid meeting: Room K1206 and Zoom

Deciphering the Data Act proposal

The Data Act is the latest piece of legislation proposed by the European Commission in the context of its European Data Strategy (February 2022). In this presentation, Inge and Thomas will aim to give a one-hour crash course on what it contains. The first goal of the presentation will be to clarify exactly what the Data Act is about, by outlining its structure and its main pillars. Secondly, each of these pillars will be analyzed more substantially. As it will not be possible to address all the provisions of the Data Act proposal within the allocated time, Inge and Thomas will focus on the potential links and friction points with other existing legislations such as the GDPR, the Data Governance Act, the Digital Markets Act and sectoral legislations. By doing so, we will reflect on whether the Data Act in its current design can achieve the objectives set out by the Commission, namely to “ensure fairness in the digital environment, stimulate a competitive data market, open opportunities for data-driven innovation and make data more accessible for all”.

Speakers: Thomas Tombal and Inge Graef

Time: 10:45-11:45 hrs

Host:  Konrad Borowicz    

Moderator:  Florian Schütt 

* For more information regarding this event please contact M. van Genk ,  24 hours before the event at latest.

** attendance in the room is possible but spaces are limited, please inform M. van Genk ,  24 hours before the event at latest,  should you wish to participate  in the room