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Work in progress: Konrad Borowicz and Stephanie Bijlmakers

Date: Time: 10:45 Location: M1003 and Microsoft Teams

Title: Public Interest Considerations in Financial Governance: The Case of the Global Legal Entity Identifier


In recent years, ISO 17442:2012 has become the financial industry’s standard for legal entity identification (LEI). In this paper, we present the findings of a case study of the drivers of ISO’s success in securing a dominant role in the realm of LEI. Our study reveals the crucial role of technical expertise and relationships as drivers. Crucially, it also reveals the growing recognition on the part of policymakers of the role of the public interest in financial data governance. This is reflected in the governance framework developed for the LEI system that was designed to limit the ability of ISO to dominate the standardization landscape. 

Speaker: Konrad Borowicz and Stephanie Bijlmakers 

Time: 10:45-11:45 hrs

Host and moderator: Jens Prufer