TILEC - Economic Governance and Legitimacy

Research TILEC

TILEC was created in 2003 as a joint research center of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and Tilburg Law School (TLS) (the two parent schools). What started as an informal gathering of curious legal scholars and economists interested in the role of competition and the functioning of markets has evolved into an internationally renowned research center in the field of economic governance

Our Research Themes

For the period 2018-2023, we intend to focus our research efforts on the following themes which are at the core of the governance of economic activity and fully exploit the expertise acquired within TILEC since its creation. 

We are confident that the three research themes chosen are sufficiently  broad and comprehensive to cater for interesting and relevant future academic or policy developments in the short run, although some fine-tuning of our research direction may be needed in the medium run to also accommodate the diverse research interests of TILEC researchers and to incorporate developments in research and policy worldwide. Such fine-tuning may also be necessary as we continue intensifying our collaboration with equally extrovert research institutes at TiU such as the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT). TILEC welcomes cooperation on specific projects with TILT and other institutes within and outside TiU, as has happened in the past, and will continue to explore possible synergies in the near future.

For each theme, two TILEC members, one from law, the other from economics, will take the lead in animating the group.

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