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Discussion papers TILEC 2006

Title: How to Measure the Price and Quality of Access to Justice?
Author: Maurits Barendrecht, José Mulder, Ivo Giesen & The Study Group Access to Justice

Title: Staying, dropping, or switching: the impacts of bank mergers on SMEs
Author: Hans Degryse, Nancy Masschelein and Janet Mitchell

Title: Interconnection and Competition among Asymmetric Networks in the Internet Backbone Market
Author: Eric Jahn and Jens Prüfer

Title: Can Standard-Setting lead to Exploitative Abuse? A Dissonant View on Patent Hold-Up, Royalty Stacking and the Meaning of FRAND
Author: Damien Geradin & Miguel Rato

Title: Appeal Procedures: Evaluation and Reform
Author: Maurits Barendrecht, Korine Bolt, Machteld de Hoon

Title: The long-term operating performance of European mergers and acquisitions
Author: Marina Martynova, Sjoerd Oosting and Luc Renneboog

Title: The Performance of the European Market for Corporate Control: Evidence from the 5th Takeover Wave
Author: Marina Martynova and Luc Renneboog

Title: Contrasting legal solutions and the comparability of EU and US experiences
Author: Pierre Larouche

Title: The Triangular Relationship between the Commission, NRAs and National Courts Revisited
Author: Pierre Larouche and Maartje de Visser

Title: Changes and Challenges of the New Health Care Reform in the Netherlands: What Should the Dutch Be Aware Of?
Author: Philip R. de Jong and Ilaria Mosca

Title: Restrictions of competition in internet governance
Author: Filomena Chirico

Title: Opt in versus opt out: a free-entry analysis of privacy policies
Author: Jan Bouckaert and Hans Degryse

Title: Price discrimination under EC competition law: another antitrust doctrine in search of limiting principles?
Author: Damien Geradin and Nicolas Petit

Title: Leveraged Buyouts in the U.K. and Continental Europe: Retrospect and Prospect
Author: Mike Wright, Luc Renneboog, Tomas Simons and Louise Scholes

Title: Selling to Consumers with Endogenous Types
Author: Jan Boone and Joel Shapiro

Title: Abuse of a dominant position: Cases and experiments
Author: Eric van Damme, Pierre Larouche and Wieland Müller

Title: How relevant is dividend policy under low shareholder protection?
Author: Luc Renneboog and Peter G. Szilagyi

Title: Agency and Ownership in the Financial Services Industry
Author: Christoph Van der Elst

Title: Standardization and technological innovation: Some reflections on ex-ante licensing, FRAND, and the proper means to reward innovators
Author: Damien Geradin

Title: Interbank Exposures: An Empirical Examination of Contagion Risk in the Belgian Banking System
Author: Hans Degryse and Grégory Nguyen

Title: Crossing Networks: Competition and Design
Author: Hans Degryse, Mark Van Achter and Gunther Wuyts

Title: Firms merge in response to constraints
Author: Jan Boone

Title: Oligopoly limit-pricing in the lab
Author: Wieland Müller, Yossi Spiegel and Yaron Yehezkel

Title: Access Regulation and the Adoption of VoIP
Author: Paul W. J. de Bijl and Martin Peitz

Title: How Do Mergers and Acquisitions Affect Bondholders in Europe? Evidence on the Impact and Spillover of Governance and Legal Standards
Author: Luc Renneboog and Peter G. Szilagyi

Title: Corporate Rescue: The German Insolvenzplan and the U.S. Chapter 11 Proceedings - European Insolvencies: Selected Issues of EC Regulation 1346/2000
Author: Eckart Ehlers

Title: The Impact of Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institutions on Local Economic Growth in China
Author: Xiaoqiang Cheng and Hans Degryse

Title: Why are the French so different from the Germans? Underpricing of IPOs on the Euro New Markets
Author: Marc Goergen, Arif Khurshed and Luc Renneboog

Title: Corporate restructuring and bondholder wealth
Author: Luc Renneboog and Peter G. Szilagyi

Title: The Miracle as a Randomization Device A Lesson from Richard Wagner's Romantic Opera Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg
Author: Heike Harmgart, Steffen Huck, and Wieland Müller

Title: Is Ethical Money Financially Smart?
Author: Luc Renneboog, Jenke ter Horst, and Chendi Zhang

Title: Een economisch perspectief op hybride organisaties
Author: Pieter H.M. Ruys

Title: Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe
Author: Marina Martynova and Luc Renneboog

Title: Corporate social responsibility: domestic and international private equity institutional investment
Author: Douglas Cumming and Sofia Johan
Accepted for publication in Journal of Business Ethics , now titled: Socially responsible institutional investment in private equity.

Title: Regulatory harmonization and the development of private equity markets
Author: Douglas Cumming and Sofia Johan
This paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Banking and Finance