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Discussion papers TILEC 2007

Title: Investment and usage of new technologies: evidence from a shared ATM network
Author: Stijn Ferrari, Frank Verboven, Hans Degryse

Title: Arbitrage in Energy Markets: Competing in the Incumbent's Shadow
Author: Gerd Küpper and Bert Willems

Title: Revisiting injunctive relief in high-tech industries with non-practicing patent holders
Author: Vincenzo Denicolò, Damien Geradin, Anne Layne-Farrar, and A. Jorge Padilla

Title: The necessary limits to the control of "excessive" prices by competition authorities - A view from Europe
Author: Damien Geradin

Title: Europe and investment in infrastructure with emphasis on electronic communications
Author: Pierre Larouche

Title: Network neutrality in the EU
Author: Filomena Chirico, Ilse van der Haar, Pierre Larouche

Title: Services of general economic interest (SGEI) and universal service obligations (USO) as an EU law framework for curative health care
Author: Wolf Sauter

Title: Revolution or Evolution - what Institutional Future for EC Communications Law?
Author: Maartje de Visser

Title: An Auction Market for Journal Articles
Author: Jens Prüfer and David Zetland

Title: Rules versus Discretion in Loan Rate Setting
Author: Geraldo Cerqueiro, Hans Degryse and Steven Ongena

Title: Liberalising Gambling Markets: Lessons from Network Industries?
Author: Eric van Damme

Title: 'State' and 'market' in the competition and free movement case law of the EU courts
Author: Wolf Sauter & Harm Schepel

Title: Cournot versus Supply Functions: What does the data tell us?
Author: Bert Willems, Ina Rumiantseva and Hannes Weigt

Title: Competition and Mergers among Nonprofits
Author: Jens Prüfer

Title: Innovatie en mededinging: op zoek naar de bron van welvaart en vooruitgang
Author: Erik Brouwer

Title: Abusive pricing in an IP licensing context: An EC competition law analysis
Author: Damien Geradin

Title: The Impact of Organizational Structure and Lending Technology on Banking Competition
Author: Hans Degryse, Luc Laeven, Steven Ongena

Title: Distance, Bank Organizational Structure, and Credit
Author: Geraldo Cerqueiro, Hans Degryse and Steven Ongena

Title: Dynamic Order Submission Strategies with Competition between a Dealer Market and a Crossing Network
Author: Hans Degryse, Mark Van Achter, and Gunther Wuyts

Title: Innovation, convergence and the role of regulation in the Netherlands and beyond
Author: Paul W.J. de Bijl and Martin Peitz

Title: Credit Derivatives and Loan Pricing
Author: Lars Norden and Wolf Wagner

Title: How (not) to measure competition
Author: Jan Boone, Jan C. van Ours, and Henry van der Wiel

Title: Socially Responsible Investments: Methodology, Risk Exposure and Performance
Author: Luc Renneboog, Jenke ter Horst and Chendi Zhang

Title: The Price of Ethics: Evidence from Socially Responsible Mutual Funds
Author: Luc Renneboog, Jenke ter Horst and Chendi Zhang

Title: How does clubs' organizational design affect competition among clubs?
Author: Jens Prüfer and Uwe Walz

Title: Loan Market Competition and Bank Risk-Taking
Author: Wolf Wagner

Title: Technological Neutrality; What Does It Entail?
Author: Ilse van der Haar

Title: The innovation threshold
Author: Erik Brouwer, Tom Poot and Kees van Montfort

Title: To Protect in order to Serve, adverse effects of leniency programs in view of industry asymmetry
Author: Daniel Leliefeld and Evgenia Motchenkova

Title: Market Structure and Hospital-Insurer bargaining in the Netherlands
Author: R.S. Halbersma, M.C. Mikkers, E. Motchenkova and I. Seinen

Title: The logic and limits of ex ante competition in a standard-setting environment
Author: Damien Geradin & Anne Layne-Farrar
This paper has been published in Competition Policy International , 3 (1), Spring 2007.

Title: Competition on Financial Markets: Does Market Design Matter?
Author: Hans Degryse

Title: Firms, Nonprofits, and Cooperatives: A Theory of Organizational Choice
Author: Patrick Herbst and Jens Prüfer

Title: In Litigation: How Far Do The "Haves" Come Out Ahead?
Author: Jun Zhou

Title: Modes of governance in the Dutch social housing sector
Author: Pieter H.M. Ruys, Jan Bruil and Henry Dix