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Discussion papers TILEC 2008

DP 2008-046
Title: Maximal cartel pricing and leniency programs
Authors: Harold Houba, Evgenia Motchenkova and Quan Wen

DP 2008-045
Title: 'Legally Relevant Damage' and a Priori Limits to Non-Contractual Liability In the DCFR
Author: Pierre Larouche

DP 2008-044
Title: Information Salience, Investor Sentiment, and Stock Returns: the Case of British Soccer Betting
Authors: Frederic Palomino, Luc Renneboog and Chendi Zhang

DP 2008-043
Title: European natural gas markets: resource constraints and market power
Author: Gijsbert Zwart

DP 2008-042
Title: Risk equalisation in health insurance and the new standard for public service compensation in the context of state aid and services of general economic interest under EU law
Author: Wolf Sauter

DP 2008-041
Title: A Proposed Test for Separating Pro-Competitive Loyalty Rebates from Anti-competitive Ones
Author: Damien Geradin

DP 2008-040
Title: Imperfect Information, Democracy, and Populism
Authors: Johannes Binswanger and Jens Prüfer

DP 2008-039
Title: Shedding Light on Dark Liquidity Pools
Authors: Hans Degryse, Mark van Achter and Gunther Wuyts

DP 2008-038
Title: Enhancing Market Power by Reducing Switching Costs
Authors: Jan Bouckaert, Hans Degryse and Thomas Provoost

DP 2008-037
Title: Competition for Access: Spectrum Rights and Downstream Access in Wireless Telecommunications
Authors: Michiel Bijlsma and Gijsbert Zwart

DP 2008-036
Title: Collusion through price ceilings? In search of a focal-point effect
Authors: Dirk Engelmann and Wieland Müller

DP 2008-035
Title: The Dutch Grey Market
Authors: Luc Renneboog and Christophe Spaenjers

DP 2008-034
Title: The Proposed Patient Mobility Directive and the Reform of Cross-Border Healthcare in the EU
Author: Wolf Sauter

DP 2008-033
Title: Transboundary Pollution, Trade Liberalization, and Environmental Taxes
Authors: Amrita Ray Chaudhuri and Soham Baksi

DP 2008-032
Title: Financial Innovation, Climate Change and the GATS: The Case of Renewable Energy Certificates
Author: Panagiotis Delimatsis

DP 2008-031
Title: Risk Management in Electricity Markets: Hedging and Market Incompleteness
Authors: Bert Willems and Joris Morbee

DP 2008-030
Title: The Distribution of Harm in Price-Fixing Cases
Authors: Jan Boone and Wieland Müller

DP 2008-029
Title: Ex Ante Evaluation of Legislation Torn Among its Rationales
Author: Pierre Larouche

DP 2008-028
Title: What Determines the Financing Decision in Corporate Takeovers: Cost of Capital, Agency Problems, or the Means of Payment?
Authors: Marina Martynova and Luc Renneboog

DP 2008-027
Title: The Dividend Policy of German Firms
Authors: Christian Andres, André Betzer, Marc Goergen, Luc Renneboog

DP 2008-026
Title: Jackpot Justice: the Value of Inefficient Litigation
Author: Jun Zhou

DP 2008-025
Title: The Function of European Contract Law. An Economic Analysis
Author: Filomena Chirico

DP 2008-024
Title: European Regulators in the Network Sectors: Revolution or Evolution?
Authors: Saskia Lavrijssen-Heijmans and Leigh Hancher

DP 2008-023
Title: Semi-public Contests
Author: Jens Prüfer

DP 2008-022
Title: Deposit Insurance and Bank Risk-Taking: Evidence from Internal Loan Ratings
Authors: Vasso Ioannidou and Maria Fabiana Penas

DP 2008-021
Title: The European Microsoft Case at the Crossroads of Competition Policy and Innovation
Author: Pierre Larouche

DP 2008-020
Title: On the Future of Information Law as a Specific Field of Law
Author: Pierre Larouche

DP 2008-019
Title: Shareholder Mobility in Five European Countries
Author: Christoph Van der Elst

DP 2008-018
Title: Elves or Trolls? The Role of Non-Practicing Patent Owners in the Innovation Economy
Authors: Damien Geradin, Anne Layne-Farrar, and A. Jorge Padilla

DP 2008-017
Title: Services of General Economic Interest and Universal Service in EU Law
Author: Wolf Sauter

DP 2008-016
Title: Do UK Institutional Shareholders Monitor Their Investee Firms?
Authors: Marc Goergen, Luc Renneboog and Chendi Zhang

DP 2008-015
Title: Contractual Corporate Governance
Authors: Marc Goergen and Luc Renneboog

DP 2008-014
Title: What is the Role of Legal Systems in Financial Intermediation? Theory and Evidence
Author: Laura Bottazzi, Marco Da Rin and Thomas Hellmann

DP 2008-013
Title: Bank Disclosure and Market Assessment of Financial Fragility: Evidence from Banks' Equity Prices
Author: Maria Fabiana Penas and Gunseli Tumer-Alkan

DP 2008-012
Title: Compensation is not just about money and neither should its economic assessment be
Author: Jose Mulder

DP 2008-011
Title: Priorities for the Justice System: Responding to the Most Urgent Legal Problems of Individuals
Author: Maurits Barendrecht, Peter Kamminga, Jin Ho Verdonschot

DP 2008-010
Title: Microjustice
Author: Maurits Barendrecht and Patricia van Nispen

DP 2008-009
Title: Welfare Effect of Mergers and Trade Liberalization
Author: Amrita Ray Chaudhuri and Hassan Benchekroun

DP 2008-008
Title: Spillover of Corporate Governance Standards in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
Author: Marina Martynova and Luc Renneboog

DP 2008-007
Title: Exclusive Quality
Author: Cédric Argenton

DP 2008-006
Title: The Economic Impact of Merger Control Legislation
Author: Elena Carletti, Philipp Hartmann, Steven Ongena

DP 2008-005
Title: A Dynamic Model of Endogenous Mergers and Trade Liberalization
Author: Amrita Ray Chaudhuri

DP 2008-004
Title: Sense and Nonsense of Rules on Proof in Cartel Cases
Author: Laura Parret

DP 2008-003
Title: Redefining Trade-Based Market Manipulation
Author: Matthijs Nelemans

DP 2008-002
Title: Global Market Surveillance
Author: Douglas Cumming and Sofia Johan

DP 2008-001
Title: Price Discrimination Bans on Dominant Firms
Author: Jan Bouckaert, Hans Degryse and Theon van Dijk