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Discussion Papers TILEC 2011


Title: Antitrust Enforcement and Marginal Deterrence
Authors: Harold Houba, Evgenia Motchenkova, Quan Wen

Title: Lying about what you know or about what you do?
Authors: Marta Serra-Garcia, Eric van Damme, Jan Potters


Title: Procurement with specialized firms
Authors: Jan Boone and Christoph Schottmüller

Title: Industrial Policy and European Merger Control – A Reassessment
Authors: Damien Geradin, Ianis Girgenson

Title: The EU Competiton Law Fining System: A Reassessment
Author: Damien Geradin

Title: Refusal to Supply and Margin Squeeze: A Discussion of Why the ‘Telefonica Exceptions’ are Wrong
Author: Damien Geradin

Title: A New Look at Reporting Fraud: By Exchange
Author: Sofia Johan

Title: Objectivity and the Law’s Assumptions about Human Behaviour
Authors: Péter Cserne


DP 2011-048
Title: Do Europe’s product labels converge? The case if EU Ecolabel, EU energy and CE marking
Author: Mehmet Cetik

DP 2011-047
Title: Cross-border mergers and market segmentation (revision of DP2010-035)
Author: Amrita Ray Chaudhuri

DP 2011-046
Title: Assessing Unilateral Merger Effects in a Two-Sided Market: An Application to the Dutch Daily Newspaper Market
Authors: Lapo Filistrucchi, Tobias J. Klein and Thomas Michielsen


DP 2011-045
Title: The Enforcement of Transnational Private Regulation – the Case of Professional Services
Author: Panos Delimatsis

DP 2011-044
Title: A survey of venture capital research
Authors: Marco Da Rin, Thomas Hellmann and Manju Puri

DP 2011-043
Title: How does personal bankruptcy law affect start-ups?
Authors: Geraldo Cerqueiro and Maria Fabiana Penas

DP 2011-042
Title: Evaluating Leniency and Modeling Cartel Durations: Time-Varying Policy Impacts and Sample Selection
Author: Jun Zhou

DP 2011-041
Title: Cost incentives for doctors: a double-edged sword
Author: Christoph Schotmüller

DP 2011-040
Title: From competition to freedom of expression: Introducing art. 10 echr in the European Network Neutrality Debate
Author: Jasper Sluijs


DP 2011-036
Title: Cloud computing in the EU Policy Sphere
Author: Jasper Sluijs, Pierre Larouche and Wolf Sauter

DP 2011-035
Title: Network neutrality:the global dimension
Author: Pierre Larouche


DP 2011-039
Title: Competition leverage: How the demand side affects optimal risk adjustment
Authors: Michiel Bijlsma, Jan Boone and Gijsbert Zwart

DP 2011-038
Title: Welfare Standards in Hospital Mergers
Authors: Katalin Katona and Marcel Canoy

DP 2011-037
Title: Health Insurance without Single Crossing: why healthy people have high coverage
Authors: Jan Boone and Christoph Schottmüller

DP 2011-034
Title: Health Insurance and EU Law
Author: Wolf Sauter


DP 2011-033
Title: Consolidation and Rationalization in the Transatlantic Air Transport Market – Prospects and Challenges for Competition and Consumer Welfare
Author: Antigoni Lykotrafiti

DP 2011-032
Title: Push or Pull? – Information to Patients and European Law
Authors: Leigh Hancher and Eva Földes

DP 2011-031
Title: Financial Innovation and Transparency in Turbulent Times
Author: Panagiotis Delimatsis

DP 2011-030
Title: Harmonisation in Healthcare: The EU Patients’ Rights Directive
Author: Wolf Sauter


DP 2011-029
Title: Risk Spillovers and Hedging:Why Do Firms Invest Too Much in Systemic Risk
Authors: Bert Willems and Joris Morbee

DP 2011-028
Title: Hard Assets: The Returns on Rare Diamonds and Gems
Authors: Luc Renneboog and Christophe Spaenjers


DP 2011-027
Title: Systemic risk across sectors: Are banks different?
Authors: Sander Muns and Michiel Bijlsma

DP 2011-026
Title: The Impact of Dark and Visible Fragmentation on Market Quality
Authors: Hans Degryse, Frank de Jong and Vincent van Kervel

DP 2011-025
Title: Entry and Competition in Differentiated Products Markets
Authors: Catherine Schaumans and Frank Verboven

DP 2011-024
Title: Search Engine Competition with Network Externalities
Authors: Cédric Argenton and Jens Prüfer


DP 2011-023
Title: "Managed Competition" for Ireland?
Authors: Misja Mikkers and Padhraig Ryan

DP 2011-022
Title: Competition Law, Antitrust Immunity and Profits: A Dynamic Panel Analysis
Authors: Erik Brouwer and Fatih Cemil Ozbugday

DP 2011-021
Title: Exploring National Concerted Practices in an Open Small Economy: What Does the Change in the Competition Law in the Netherlands Reveal?
Author: Fatih Cemil Ozbugday

DP 2011-020
Title: The Effect of Divestitures in the German Electricity Market
Authors: Hannes Weigt and Bert Willems

DP 2011-019
Title: Regulation of Network Infrastructure Investments: An Experimental Evaluation
Authors: Bastian Henze, Charles N. Noussair and Bert Willems

DP 2011-018
Title: Analyzing the Determinants of Temporary Antitrust Immunity Seeking Behavior: The Dispensation Requests in the Netherlands
Authors: Erik Brouwer and Fatih Cemil Ozbugday
This paper has also been accepted for publication in the Journal of Competition Law and Economics.

DP 2011-017
Title: On the Evolution of Collective Enforcement Institutions: Communities and Courts
Authors: Scott Masten and Jens Prüfer

DP 2011-016
Title: Vertical integration and exclusive vertical restraints between insurers and hospitals
Authors: Rudy Douven, Rein Halbersma, Katalin Katona, Victoria Shestalova
See also: TILEC - NZa publications
More on Mejudice and on the CPB website>>

DP 2011-015
Title: Broadband Policy in the Light of the Dutch Experience with Telecommunications Liberalization
Author: Paul W.J. de Bijl
This paper has also been published in the Journal of Information Policy .
More on Mejudice (in Dutch)>>


DP 2011-014
Title: US Knows US in the UK: On Director Networks and CEO Compensation
Authors: Luc Renneboog and Yang Zhao

DP 2011-013
Title: Ownership and Control in a Competitive Industry
Authors: Heiko Karle, Tobias J. Klein and Konrad O. Stahl

DP 2011-012
Title: International Environmental Agreements in the Presence of Adaptation
Authors: Walid Marrouch and Amrita Ray Chaudhuri

DP 2011-011
Title: Who Takes Advantage of Free Flu Shots? Examining the Effects of an Expansion in Coverage
Authors: Katherine Grace Carman and Ilaria Mosca

DP 2011-010
Title: Patent Value Apportionment Rules for Complex, Multi-Patent Products
Authors: Damien Geradin and Anne Layne-Farrar
This paper has also been accepted for publication in the Santa Clara University Computer & High Tech Law Journal.

DP 2011-009
Title: Refusal to supply and margin squeeze: A discussion of why the “Telefonica exceptions” are wrong
Author: Damien Geradin

DP 2011-008
Title: Judicial Review in European Union Competition Law: A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment
Authors: Damien Geradin and Nicolas Petit

DP 2011-007
Title: Internet Based Trade and the Court of Justice: Different Sector, Different Attitude
Author: Alan Littler
This paper has also been published in the European Journal of Risk Regulation 2011 no. 1


DP 2011-006
Title: Cross Border Infrastructure Projects: The EU Exemption Regime
Author: Leigh Hancher

DP 2011-005
Title: Vertical restraints in health care markets
Authors: Rein Halbersma and Katalin Katona

DP 2011-004
Title: Vertical Integration with Complementary Inputs
Authors: Markus Reisinger and Emanuele Tarantino

DP 2011-003
Title: Technology Adoption in Standard Setting Organizations: A Model of Exclusion with Complementary Inputs and Hold-Up
Author: Emanuele Tarantino

DP 2011-002
Title: The effect of competition on process and outcome quality within hospital care in the Netherlands
Authors: Michiel Bijlsma, Pierre Koning, Victoria Shestalova

DP 2011-001
Title: Preventing crime through selective incapacitation
Author: Ben Vollaard