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TILEC Best Thesis Prize 2017-2018

The TILEC Best Thesis Prize 2017-2018 has been awarded to Sam Lee (MSc Economics) for his thesis entitled "Internalizing the Harm of Privacy Breaches: How Effective are Disclosure Policies in Providing Incentives to Improve Data Protection? An Event Study".

The thesis, written under the supervision of Prof. Eric van Damme provides persuasive evidence on the stock market effect of privacy breaches, and does so with high scientific rigor. It is well written and stands out for the relevance of its conclusions for policy, in particular concerning disclosure requirements. In addition, the thesis adds an interdisciplinary angle by incorporating insights from legal scholarship. The TILEC MT congratulates Sam for an outstanding piece of work!

TILEC's Best Thesis Prize 2017-2018 is awarded to the best thesis defended under the supervision of a TILECĀ  member between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018. Theses are nominated by supervisors (TILEC members) and selection is made by the TILEC Research Coordinators. The criteria for the selection of the best thesis are the quality of the writing, the strength of the argument, the importance of the insights generated, and the extent to which the thesis adopts an interdisciplinary perspective. The prize is worth 500 Euros.