Tilburg Law and Economics Center

Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC)

TILEC supports and stimulates academic research on the governance of economic activity. It fosters academically path breaking and practically relevant research and aims to be a leading center worldwide.


TILEC: Florian Schuett and Panagiotis Delimatsis TILEC is a Center of Excellence delivering first-rate interdisciplinary research on the governance of economic activity. Optimal market design lies at the core of our research, whereas the interdisciplinary method is the unique feature of our Center. Both Dutch and international companies and State regulators have entrusted to TILEC pressing questions that they were unable to answer in-house. Nowadays, TILEC is a vibrant center with over 50 committed members. In 2018, TILEC celebrates its 15th anniversary and is moving decisively towards its vision, that is, to be recognized as a global leader in the interdisciplinary research of economic governance. Check for yourself by scrolling through our website!

Selected publications

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