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TiLPS offers a Visiting Fellows Program, through which logicians, ethicists, and philosophers of science reside in Tilburg for a couple of weeks up to several months. Check out whether there are any fellowships available at the moment!

Visiting Fellowships 2020 at the Department of Philosophy at Tilburg:

The Department of Philosophy at Tilburg University invites applications for visiting fellowships for the calendar year 2020. The fellowships are intended for advanced Ph.D. students, postdocs or junior faculty.

Applicants should be keen on being an active part of a lively research community and on intellectual exchange with the resident fellows at Tilburg. The planned work of the candidates should relate to one (or more) of the research areas covered by members of TiLPS or PHC&E research groups. TiLPS and PHC&E sustain a full calendar of research events, such as regular seminars, workshops and conferences. The visiting fellows are expected to actively participate in these activities.

The Visiting Fellows receive a tax-free reimbursement of € 750 / month, which can be used for covering travel and housing expenses, with a maximum of € 2.000 for the total stay.

Stays in July and August are strongly discouraged due to the summer break.

To apply, please send your application (everything in one pdf file) to m.colombo@uvt.nl no later than **7 January 2020**. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of Dr Robb, Dr Yazicioglu, Dr Slegers, Dr Wildman, and Dr Blancke. We will notify you about our decision by **3 February 2020**.

Your application should contain (in one pdf file):

i. a motivation letter no longer than 2 pages, which should explain how the proposed research relates with one (or more) of the research strengths at the Department of Philosophy at Tilburg ii. a CV iii. a project outline of no more than 1000 words iv. PhD students should include at least one letter of recommendation from their supervisor (to maintain confidentiality, supervisors of PhD students may send their letters of recommendation separately to Dr Colombo)

For further information, please contact Dr Colombo at m.colombo@uvt.nl

Visiting Fellows 2019

James Grayot (September, 1 – October, 31)

Taka Matsui (September, 1- October, 31)

Rebecca Ruehle (October, 15 – December, 15)

Marta Sznajder (October, 21 – November, 30)

Former visiting fellows

  • Peter Brössel, Salzburg Austria (September - October 2013)
  • Fabrizio Cariani, Berkeley USA (September - October 2010)
  • Lorenzo Casini, Kent UK (September - November 2011)
  • Richard Dawid, Vienna Austria (September - November 2011)
  • Luo Dong, Beijing China (September 2015 - September 2016)
  • Mohsen Donyavi, Teheran Iran (March - July 2016)
  • Juan M. Durán, Stuttgart Germany (February - April 2012)
  • Lee Elkin, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (August - October 2015)
  • Christopher French, UBC Vancouver Canada (February - April 2012)
  • Steven Brian Hood, IU Bloomington USA (February - April 2008)
  • Viktor Ivankovic, Budapest Hungay (October - November 2016)
  • Anne Khmelnitskaya, St. Petersburg Russia (September - December 2008)
  • Kevin Korb, Clayton Australia (September - November 2008)
  • Adam Pavel Kubiak, Lublin Poland (May - June 2015)
  • Pilar Lopez Cantero, University of Manchester (April - June 2018)
  • Roussanka Loukanova, Uppsala Sweden (September - December 2008)
  • Sebastian Lutz, London Canada (September 2007 - June 2008)
  • Aidan Lyon,  College Park USA (April - May 2011)
  • Luca Moretti, Aberdeen Scotland (September - November 2011)
  • Erik Nyberg, Victoria Australia (September - December 2016)
  • James Overton, London Canada (February - April 2011)
  • Matteo Pascuccci, Verona Italy (April - May 2016)
  • Lavinia Picollo, Munich Germany (April - May 2015)
  • Elena Popa, American University of Central Asia (May - June 2017)
  • Charles Rathkopf, Charlottesville USA (August - November 2012)
  • Raphael van Riel, Bochum Germany (February - May 2009)
  • Gillian Russell, St. Louis USA (September - November 2009)
  • Thomas Schindler, Munich Germany (April - May 2015)
  • Jonah N. Schupbach, Pittsburgh USA (September 2008 - June 2009)
  • Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson, Oxford UK (September - October 2008)
  • Eleonora Severini, Sapienza University of Rome (February - April 2015)
  • Katie Steele, Sydney Australia (April 2008)
  • Tom Sterkenburg, MCMP Munich (September - October 2017)
  • Eran Tal, Toronto Canada (February - May 2010)
  • Karim Thebault, Sydney Australia (September - November 2011)