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The Tilburg Center for Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS) studies knowledge, reasoning, and value in all their forms.


The Center was founded in 2007 in order to promote a novel style of philosophical research, combining traditional philosophical tools such as conceptual analysis, logical deduction and case studies with tools such as mathematical modeling, psychological experiments and simulations. Over the years, TiLPS has broadened its research focus, while fostering the genuine collaborative transdisciplinary research environment that has characterized it from the beginning. Currently, much of the collaborative work at TiLPS lies in the intersection of theories of human functioning, and social, political, moral, and cognitive psychology.


Current research at TiLPS is devoted to empirically informed philosophical examination of knowledge, reasoning, and value in all their forms, with an eye to how such examination can contribute to the advancement of the understanding of contemporary scientific and societal challenges. TiLPS strives to be a vibrant, internationally esteemed center for reflection on questions of philosophy and epistemology of science and of moral philosophy (broadly understood). These questions are examined with an emphasis on human functioning, also in relation to their social context and significance.


For more information to whom is part of our research institute, check out our people page!


TiLPS hosts many research projects in different areas, such as The Moral Psychology of Inequality and its Impact on Well-Being, Exploration of computational psychiatry, The Value of Admiration and Behaviorism in Psychology and Philosophy. Also 4 very cool Phd-projects have been started at our department in 2018 (see Drissen, Mills and Rietdijk) one of which by having been granted a NWO PhD in the humanities fellowship. The last project is on Rose Rand and the Vienna Circle (Milhaljevic).

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TiLPS supports a full calendar of research events, including regular seminars, workshops and conferences and the biannual René Descartes Lectures. TiLPS also sustains a joint conference series with the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) and the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science.


TiLPS offers a Visiting Fellows Program, through which logicians, ethicists, and philosophers of science reside in Tilburg for a couple of weeks up to several months. Check out whether there are any fellowships available at the moment!

Institutional Links and Collaborations

TiLPS is embedded into the Department of Philosophy at Tilburg University. TiLPS staff members collaborate frequently with people the Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication and other research institutions of Tilburg University. Moreover, TiLPS sponsors relations with the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP)  and the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science. Recently, we started up an NWO-funded network with the University of Gothenburg, Indiana University, the University of Manchester, the University of Trento and New York University.