Research and Projects TiLPS

The research at TiLPS can be roughly divided into two areas: Ethics and Social Philosophy, and Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. The research at TiLPS always tries to be clear, inspiring, to the point, and innovative.

Our research methods cover the entire range of modern philosophy: conceptual analysis and historical case studies have their place as well as formal modeling, experimental studies, and computer simulations. We believe that by collaborative work, we can combine the best of different worlds and achieve a beneficial plurality of methods at our institute.

TiLPS hosts a variety of external grants as well as individual and collaborative research projects pertaining to our faculty, our PhD students and our current visiting fellows.


TiLPS hosts many research projects in different areas, such as The Moral Psychology of Inequality and its Impact on Well-Being, Exploration of computational psychiatry, The Value of Admiration and Behaviorism in Psychology and Philosophy. Also 4 very cool Phd-projects have been started at our department in 2018 (see Drissen, Mills and Rietdijk) one of which by having been granted a NWO PhD in the humanities fellowship. The last project is on Rose Rand and the Vienna circle(Milhaljevic).

Read the full list of externally funded research projects.