About Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

The Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) conducts teaching and research into the regulation of technologies and technology-related societal innovation.

National and International
Established in 1994, TILT has built a serious reputation in research, enabling the development of a leading LLM program in Law & Technology. TILT is a prominent player on the national as well as the international level when it comes to research and education in this particular area. TILT’s expertise covers a wide range of topics related to law, regulation, technology and their normative implications.

TILT is a multidisciplinary research institute, combining law, philosophy, social sciences, public administration and management sciences. This enables us to look at research topics from multiple perspectives and deliver valuable contributions to the existing knowledge in the field of law, technology, and society. TILT’s collaborative and open environment stimulates social and intellectual interchange. Feel free to become more familiar with our organization through our website, or look directly for possibilities to get involved!

TILT’s mission is to explore and understand the interplay between technology, regulation and fundamental values/human rights; to study emerging technologies, their impact on the individual and society; and to assess the need for regulation of technologies.

Academic climate
TILT is located at the 7th floor of the Montesquieu Building at the Tilburg University Campus. We have a fairly unique composition in being large (around 50 researchers), truly interdisciplinary (combining disciplines such as law, STS, political science, sociology, and economics) and international (with researchers originating from more than 25 countries). The academic environment is very lively, with much interaction and collaboration between researchers, sharing of ideas and constructive commenting on each other’s ideas and work. We take our open-door policy seriously, fostering collaboration and camaraderie. Tuesdays hold particular importance as this is the day when reading groups, work in progress discussions, seminars and other meetings are planned, but you will often run into spontaneous discussions and brainstorm-sessions at other times. This congenial atmosphere stimulates social and intellectual interchange. 

TILT's expertise covers a wide range of fields related to developments in ICT, robotics, AI and related fields enabled by ICT, such as neuroscience, health, and energy. Topics include e-government, e-commerce, e-health, data science, AI, machine decision making, legal analytics, trust, technology adoption and legitimacy, privacy, identity management, liability, cybercrime, public security, intellectual property rights, networks and innovation, and governance.