TILT's 25th Anniversary Year: Events in December

Published: 03rd December 2019 Last updated: 03rd December 2019

TILT's anniversary events in December will revolve around "Conflicting laws and jurisdictions" and is organized by Bo Zhao. Please find more information about this topic below:

Conflicting laws and jurisdictions

With the world being deeply digitalized and connected, a large part of human life and societal activities have moved into cyberspace, and the internet, the network of networks, has become the backbone of modern society. In this context, cross-border data transfers are unavoidable, ubiquitous and growing in view of the borderless nature of the internet and the forthcoming of IoT age. Thus cross-border data protection has gained increasing significance in safeguarding the rights to privacy and data protection for national state. However, cross-border data protection inevitably involves conflict of laws and jurisdictions, when strong national economic and political interests are involved. In December 2019, TILT will organize a series of activities to explore some key aspects of the cross border data protection issue, including sectorial overview such as cross-border data protection in the contexts of cloud services and healthcare data sharing, and jurisdictional clashes between China, EU and US, for instance.

The following events will take place in December:

  • Keynote Lecture: "The Internet Jurisdiction Tipping Point"
    3rd of December, 16.00-17.30, Blackbox, Esplanade Building (coffee/tea before in Blackbox and drinks afterwards in the Esplanade) 
    Professor Svantesson is a Co-Director of the Centre for Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law and a Researcher at the Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute, Stockholm University. He specialises in international aspects of the IT society, a field within which he has published a range of books and articles, and given presentations in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.
    Read more about the keynote lecture.
    His lecture is intended for the academic community at Tilburg University and free of charge.
  • Movie: "Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)"
    17th of December, 20.00-22.30, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg. (Willem II Straat 49, 5038 BD Tilburg)
    We will watch and discuss the movie "Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)". Please buy your ticket here. This event is open to everyone interested. Read more about the film.
  • Book discussion: "Solving the Internet Jurisdiction Puzzle" by Dan Svantesson
    5th of December 2019 - Tables 7th floor M          11.00-12.00 - Chapter 3 & 9
    11th of December 2019 - Tables 7th floor M          11.00-12.00 - Chapter 11 & 12

All the information can also be found on www.tilt25.com.
We hope to see you!