Public lecture 25th Anniversary TILT in June: “Where do we leave our parents?”

Date: Time: 19:15 Location: LocHal, Tilburg

The Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) conducts teaching and research into the regulation of technologies and technology-related societal innovation. TILT is a prominent player on the national as well as the international level when it comes to research and education in this particular area. TILT is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a year full of keynotes, workshops and events. Every month will be devoted to a different theme, such as cybercrime, e-health, privacy and climate change.

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Public lecture of the month

Each Month, the Public Library of Tilburg will host a Public Lecture. The topic of the public lecture in June 2019 will be “Where do we leave our parents?”. Please find a description below:

Technology can help our parents to live at home for a longer period. Because of their wish or because of necessity. During this meeting we will talk about the new possibilities of independent living and we can experience some solutions at first hand.

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This public lecture will be held in Dutch.


19:15-19:30 Welkom

19:30-19:50 Adri Wischmann - Care Cube

19:50-20:00 Ruimte voor vragen

20:00-20:20 Claudia van Erven,  Annelein van Sluijs en Corrie Aarts van zorginstelling de Wever over hun visie op een prettige oude dag en zelfstandig of begeleid wonen met behulp van slimme oplossingen en technologie. 

20:20-20:30 Ruimte voor vragen

20:30-21:30 Panel gesprek met het publiek onder begeleiding van Robin Pierce en Tineke Broer. 

21:30 Afronding


LocHal, Tilburg

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