Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

TILT studies emerging technologies and their impact on the individual and society, recognizing the interplay between technology, regulation and fundamental values & human rights.

Mirror Room

During the conference you will be able to visit the ‘Mirror Room’. When you enter the ‘We are data Mirror room’, you step into a magical area. You experience fun and exciting things; but it’s also a smart area, where visitors are watched and monitored without them knowing. The ‘We are data Mirror room’ examines how far technology might enter into your private domain. ‘We are data’ is aimed at finding out how deep technology can penetrate your private life for you to still feel comfortable. When does it become intimidating and when does it cross a line? In the ‘Mirror Room’, you experience what it’s like to become data, and you’re free to choose what personal data you keep to yourself.

“WE ARE DATA hacks the mind”

Mirror room Tilting Perspectives