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Privacy protection in the 21st century

New concepts, theories, and applications

Symposium 14 May 2019 & VICI panels 15 May 2019

In privacy protection, the traditional distinction between private and public physical spaces is becoming less useful in determining what really is protection-worthy. The walls of the home are ‘evaporating’ and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to use them to shield in-home activities. At the same time, through ubiquitous datafication and mobile devices, the home itself has lost its privileged role as the primary place of private life. Many people carry more private information in their pocket than could be revealed by a thorough search of their home. Public space and digital spaces are thus becoming important places for private life, while also becoming subject to increasingly omnipresent and sophisticated surveillance.

These challenges bring forward a number of interesting questions. What are the various aspects of private life that deserve protection in the 21st century? Can spatial approaches to privacy protection remain useful going forward? If the place-based boundary no longer works, can we identify a core of privacy which should receive a more robust protection? Can we ‘recreate’ the physical architecture that delimits a protected private sphere in digital space? How should we protect privacy in public spaces?

These questions have been addressed in the NWO-funded VICI project Privacy in the 21st century. Finding a new paradigm to protect citizens in the age of ubiquitous data (2014-2019), led by prof. Bert-Jaap Koops.  We will present the project’s results at this final symposium and continue the discussions in three VICI panels at the TILTing 2019 conference.

Symposium 14 May 2019
Program VICI panels - 15 May 2019
Program VICI symposium – 14 May 2019