Keynote 25th Anniversary TILT in December by Dan Svantesson

Date: Time: 16:00 Location: Blackbox, Esplanade building

The Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) conducts teaching and research into the regulation of technologies and technology-related societal innovation. TILT is a prominent player on the national as well as the international level when it comes to research and education in this particular area. TILT is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a year full of keynotes, workshops and events. Every month will be devoted to a different theme, such as cybercrime, e-health, privacy and climate change.

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Keynote of the month

Each Month, an Internationally Renowned Professor Stays with Us and Gives a Keynote. Click here if you would like to find out more about the visiting professors in 2019. The visiting professor of the month in December will be Prof. Dan Svantesson. Prof. Dan Svantesson will give the Keynote Lecture. Please find the bio and abstract below:


Professor Svantesson is a Co-Director of the Centre for Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law and a Researcher at the Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute, Stockholm University. He specialises in international aspects of the IT society, a field within which he has published a range of books and articles, and given presentations in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.


The Internet Jurisdiction Tipping Point

In the context of global warming, scientists have suggested that there are certain ‘tipping points’ that, once reached could bring the Earth into a state beyond which human efforts to reduce emissions will be increasingly futile.

A similar reasoning is possible in the context of Internet jurisdiction. It seems clear that if we continue along the current course, we will sooner, rather than later, reach somewhat similar tipping points at which the Internet as we know it ceases to exist, and from which attempts at a reversal is potentially futile.

In more detail, the Internet’s openness, the Internet as an enabler, and protector, of human rights and democratic values are at risk. The same can be said about the Internet as a contributor towards a fairer and more equal world, and the Internet as a global communications medium connecting people so as to bring us closer together; ultimately supporting a peaceful coexistence.

All these important characteristics are currently under threat to varying degrees from developments such as:
• Increasingly far-reaching jurisdictional claims;
• Increased enforcement initiatives;
• Data localisations requirements;
• ‘Rep localisation’ requirements;
• A ‘penalty arms race’; and
• Fragmentation.

In this talk, Professor Svantesson examines the Internet Jurisdiction Tipping Points as well as the developments (the positive feedback loops) that together are taking us towards these tipping points. He also canvasses some possible responses that may prevent the described gloomy prospect from becoming a reality.


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16.05-17.00 - Keynote
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