Keynote 25th Anniversary TILT in June by Carlo Botrugno

Date: Time: 16:00 Location: Blackbox

The Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) conducts teaching and research into the regulation of technologies and technology-related societal innovation. TILT is a prominent player on the national as well as the international level when it comes to research and education in this particular area. TILT is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a year full of keynotes, workshops and events. Every month will be devoted to a different theme, such as cybercrime, e-health, privacy and climate change.

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Keynote of the month

Each Month, an Internationally Renowned Professor Stays with Us and Gives a Keynote. Click here if you would like to find out more about the visiting professors in 2019. The keynote of the month in June will be Carlo Botrugno. Please find the bio and abstract below:


Carlo Botrugno graduated in Legal Sciences (2005) and in Social Work (2012) at the University of Bologna; he holds a Master in Law (2008), and a PhD in Law and New Technologies (2016) from University of Bologna. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Legal Sciences of Florence University. He is founder and co-coordinator of the Research Unit on Everyday Bioethics and Ethics of Science (RUEBES), which is part of the L’Altro Diritto Interuniversity Research Centre. He has been postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Health Care Ethics of Slovak Medical University (SZU); and visiting PhD student at: Centre for Social Studies (CES) of Coimbra University; Porto Alegre Clinicas Hospital (HCPA); Porto Alegre Uniritter dos Reis University. His main research interests are related to: biolaw, bioethics and medical ethics; ITs and technological innovation in healthcare; public policy and health law; human rights, discrimination and citizenship; migration, vulnerability and social determinants of health.


Information technologies in healthcare: towards a new geography of right to health
Contemporary healthcare systems are going through the ‘digital turn’, i.e. the progressive incorporation of information technologies in daily practice with the purpose of improving the quality and increasing the efficiency of healthcare-delivery process. Despite the flourishing of research in this field, legal scholars have shown a clear predilection for some issues among which include data-protection, confidentiality, licensure and liability. Nevertheless, there is a need for a more comprehensive approach through which to address the overall impact of digitalization processes on the organization of the healthcare systems. I argue that such an impact may be described in terms of a new geography of right to health, in which space, places, legal provisions, technological artefacts and relations of power converge, reshaping the content of the existing rights and leading to the appearance of new ones.


15:45-16:00 - Coffee/tea
16:00-16:05 - Opening/Introduction
16:05-17:00 - Keynote
17:00-17:30 - Q&A
17:30-18:30 – Drinks in Esplanade