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TILT Law Clinic - ECtHR: Intervention in case, Magyar Jeti Zrt v. Hungary

TILT is happy to announce that the European Court of Human Rights recently gave judgment in the Magyar Jeti Zrt v. Hungary case. In the judgment, the court quoted the submission of EISI (European Information Society Institute) which was partly drafted by Dr. Husovec and Bruno Bautista (student), of TILT, along with the attorneys & affiliates of Law Firm TRINITI and University of Tartu (Karmen Turk and Maarja Pild).

The case dealt with liability and hyperlinks, and whether strict liability would infringe on freedom of speech rights. The court agrees with the submission of EISI that interfering with the ability of publishers to use hyperlinks would interfere with their Article 10 rights. The judgment of the court is another step in ensuring that freedom of expression will be safeguarded on the internet.

For more information, we refer you to the links below.

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