TILT's 25th Anniversary Year: Events in May

Published: 02nd May 2019 Last updated: 20th August 2019

TILT's anniversary events in May will revolve around "Future of data protection" and is organized by Raphaël Gellert and Nadya Purtova.

Future of data protection

Data protection law sets the rules for processing of personal data in order to provide legal protection against possible negative consequences associated with such processing. When personal data is processed, data protection principles, rights and obligations apply, and otherwise they do not. However, a consensus is growing that an increasing range of data should be considered personal, and some even argue that everything is personal data, among others, because everything in our environments is or contains information. These developments raise a number of questions: what is information and where do the boundaries of information lie in terms of its relationship to meaning, and physical media? What is the state of the art of data analytics now and what implications does it have for the kinds and scale of impact of data processing on people? In the increasing digital environment where every interaction is being mediated by digital data, what can we expect from data protection law? What are its biggest challenges? Finally, if everything is personal data, is a legal regime triggered by this notion sustainable in the long-run and how should the future data protection law look like?

The following events will take place in May:

Keynote Lecture: William Staples 
Movie: Blackcode
Conference TILTing Perspectives 2019
Public Lecture: Become a data treasure-digger