Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

TILT studies emerging technologies and their impact on the individual and society, recognizing the interplay between technology, regulation and fundamental values & human rights.

TILT's 25th Anniversary Year: Events in February

This year will be TILT's 25th anniversary! 2019 will be full of events, symposia, international keynotes and more to celebrate that TILT was founded so many years ago and has grown to be one of the leading institutes in the world on law, technology and society.

Every month will be devoted to a different theme, such as cybercrime, e-health, privacy and climate change. You can find out more about TILT's 25th anniversary year here.

Events in February

February will revolve around “Risk Scoring & Profiling Citizens" and is organised by Sascha van Schendel, Maša Galič and Ivan Škorvanek. Please find more information about this topic below:

Risk Scoring & Profiling Citizens

The increasing possibilities to collect, analyze, and interpret huge volumes of data enable creating very detailed pictures of individuals’ current –and possibly- future behavior. Governments use profiles and risk scores of their citizens to automate processes such as paying taxes or handing out fines. In the law enforcement sector there are many (in)famous examples of using patterns and statistics for predictive policing. Using algorithms to profile citizens and determine whether they for example pose a risk in the sense of not pay taxes or commit crimes, raises a lot of issues surrounding false positives/negatives, transparency, privacy of those being profiled, procedural rights, etc. In the events in this anniversary months we will look at what kind of an impact these technologies have.

The following events will take place in February:

12th of February from 16.00-17.30, Dr Maria Helen Murphy will give a Keynote Lecture in the Aula, Cobbenhagen building, at our University. Maria will be our visiting scholar in February. Maria researches in the areas of privacy law, surveillance, information technology law, and human rights. Maria has published in a variety of national and international journals and co-authored the book, Information and Communications Technology Law in Ireland in 2017. Her lecture is intended for the academic community at Tilburg University and free of charge, but please register via Ghislaine van den Maagdenberg: G.vdnmaagdenberg@tilburguniversity.edu

19th of February from 20.00-22.00, we will watch and discuss the documentary ‘Pre-Crime”. Please buy your ticket here. This event is open to everyone interested. Location is Zwijsen building at Tilburg University.

26th of February from 19.30-21.30, we will have a Privacy Tour, a walk with the city tour guide through the center of Tilburg and visit places where our privacy is at stake. We organize this together with FutureLab. On our way we stop by places where our data is collected to see where the data is used for. Spoiler alert! There is a lot of time to catch your breath. Location is Lochal, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 66, Tilburg.

Each month, we will read a book together. This month, we will read The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race and the Future of Law Enforcement by Andrew Guthrie Ferguson in three parts.

  • 5th of February 2019 - TILT tables, 13.00-14.00 - Introduction, Chapter I & II
  • 12th of February 2019 - TILT tables, 13.00-14.00 - Chapter III, IV & V
  • 19th of February 2019 - TILT tables, 13.00-14.00 - Chapter VI, VII & VIII
  • 26th of February 2019 - TILT tables, 13.00-14.00 - Chapter IX & X and Conclusion

All the information can also be found on www.tilt25.com.

We hope to see you at our events in February.