Ph.D. research Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

At present the following research is carried out by our internal PhD candidates:

The memory of the Web: a taxonomy of the social problems
Accountability under EU data protection law:*
Living Lab: Stratumseind 2.0
Fighting Botnets
Privacy in the 21st century:
IPR conflicts between open source and software patents ...
Algorithmic Transparency as protection against automated data ...
A risk-based approach to fundamental rights in the context of ...
Sensing the risk
Standardising the protection of personal data in the Internet of Things era: a European perspective in an interconnected world
Transparency requirements in Big Data practices in the law enforcement domain

The following PhD candidates will upload a research description later:

  • Tom Chokrevski
  • Silvia de Conca
  • Mara Paun
  • Hosna Sheikhattar