PhD research Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

At present the following research is carried out by our internal PhD candidates:

Algorithmic Transparency as protection against automated data ...
Sensing the risk
Safeguarding data Protection in an Open data World (SPOW)
Standardising the protection of personal data in the Internet of Things era: a European perspective in an interconnected world
The memory of the Web: a taxonomy of the social problems
IPR conflicts between open source and software patents ...
The impact the use of financial services technologies (fintech) and biometric technologies in Kenya has on issues of data justice
A risk-based approach to fundamental rights in the context of ...
Living Lab: Stratumseind 2.0
Transparency requirements in Big Data practices in the law enforcement domain
Fighting Botnets
Privacy in the 21st century:

The following PhD candidates will upload a research description later:

  • Magda Brewczynska
  • Tom Chokrevski
  • Silvia de Conca
  • Aviva de Groot
  • Shazade Jameson
  • Mara Paun