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Government Access to User Data: Towards More Meaningful Transparency Reports

Authors: Eleni Kosta and Magda Brewczyńska

Discussion Paper 2020-001


Misaligned Union laws? A comparative analysis of certification in the Cybersecurity Act and the General Data Protection Regulation

Authors: Irene Kamara

Discussion Paper 2020-002



The Retention of Communications Data in Europe and the UK

Author:  Eleni Kosta

Discussion Paper 2019-001

CNIL’s Decision Fining Google Violates One-Stop-Shop

Author: Lokke Moerel

Discussion Paper 2019-002

‘My Computer is My Castle’: New Privacy Frameworks to Regulate Police Hacking

Author: Ivan Škorvánek, Bert-Jaap Koops, Bryce Clayton Newell and Andrew J. Roberts

Discussion Paper 2019-003

Surveillance, Criminal Procedure, and Regulatory Connection: The Case of Sewage Monitoring

Authors: Ivan Škorvánek, Bert-Jaap Koops and Tjerk Timan

Discussion Paper 2019-004

Sewage Monitoring for Criminal Investigation and the Protection of Home Life

Authors: Bert-Jaap Koops, Ivan Škorvánek and Bart van der Sloot

Discussion Paper 2019-005

Adhering to GDPR Codes of Conduct: A Possible Option for SMEs to GDPR Certification

Author: Eric Lachaud

Discussion Paper 2019-006

Do Not Track Initiatives: Regaining the Lost User Control

Author: Irene Kamara and Eleni Kosta 

Discussion Paper 2019-007