Tilburg Institute for Private Law (TIP)

The Tilburg Institute for Private Law (TIP) is the research center of the Private Law department at Tilburg University. TIP aims to promote high-quality research and teaching in private law, with a focus on Dutch and European private law.

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Education Tilburg Institute for Private Law (TIP)

The Tilburg Institute of Private Law is heavily involved with education at Tilburg University, both at the Bachelor degree and Master’s degree level. Below you can find a list of all the courses that are taught by employees of TIP.

Dutch Law Bachelor program

  • Inleiding Privaatrecht
  • Personen- en Vermogensrecht
  • Goederenrecht
  • Contractenrecht
  • Aansprakelijkheidsrecht
  • Burgerlijk Procesrecht
  • MTO
  • Oefenrechtbank

Various other Bachelor Courses

Global Law Bachelor Program

  • GLB: Obligations and Contract Law I
  • GLB: Obligations and Contract Law II
  • GLB: Property Law
  • GLB: Tort Law
  • GLB: Private International Law and Transnational Litigation

Dutch Law Master Program

  • Verdiepend Privaatrecht
  • Verdiepend Burgerlijk procesrecht
  • Verdiepend Contracten- en Aansprakelijkheidsrecht
  • Verdiepend Goederen- en Insolventierecht
  • Verdiepend Personen- en Familierecht

‘Law in context’ Master courses

  • Methodologie van het privaatrecht

Optional Master Courses

  • Bouwrecht
  • Insolventierecht
  • Huwelijksvermogens- en erfrecht
  • Jeugdrecht
  • Internationaal Privaatrecht
  • Intellectuele Eigendomsrecht

Various other Master Courses

  • Judicial Law Making (research master)
  • Joint Research Training (research master)
  • Methods of Legal Research (research master)
  • Individual Research Training (research master)
  • Huwelijksvermogensrecht (economen)
  • Law clinic Mediation
  • Data Science Regulation & Law

You are welcome to write your Master Thesis under the supervision of a TIP member. Please contact the secretary’s office of TIP for more information(frw.privaatrecht.secretariaat@tilburguniversity.edul). See the Master Thesis page on Blackboard for the procedural aspects of writing your thesis