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Research seminar Prof. Patrick Le Galès


Patrick Le Galès is CNRS Research Professor of Sociology and Politics, at Sciences Po, Centre d’études européennes and he chairs the “Cities are back in town” and “restructuring the state” research groups. His researches deal with

  1. Comparative Public policy, policy instruments and the political sociology of the state;
  2. Urban sociology/urban political economy in large metropolis and also European cities (middle classes, governance, urban conflicts, mobility, economic development, inequalities);
  3. Economic sociology/political economy – the making of a market society and the sociology of Europe with a special interest for the UK.

He is currently working on a project comparing modes of governance (What is governed?) and urban development in Paris, London, São Paolo, Mexico. With Desmond King he works with a group on the reconfiguration of European states for a book to be published by Oxford University Press.

Location: RP002

When: 21 March 2018 12:30

End date: 21 March 2018 14:00