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New Book Series Palgrave Studies in Sub-National Governance

Linze Schaap - together with four international colleagues - started a new book series at PalgraveMacMillan’s. This series focuses on governance at the sub-national level, as this seems to be in a permanent state of transition.

The series aims at addressing intriguing challenges to sub-national governance. Such challenges exist at the system level, they also regard modes of governance and societal issues, and approaches to adaptation and learning. In monographs, edited volumes and Palgrave Pivots, the series will consider the future of territorial governance and of territory-based democracy; the impact of hybrid forms of territorial government and functional governance on the traditional institutions of government and representative democracy and on public values; what improvements are possible and effective in local and regional democracy; and, what framework conditions can be developed to encourage minority groups to participate in urban decision-making.

Books in the series also examine ways of governance, from ‘network governance’ to ‘triple helix governance’, from ‘quadruple’ governance to the potential of ‘multiple helix’ governance. The series will also discuss societal issues, for instance global warming and sustainability, energy transition, economic growth, labour market, urban and regional development, immigration and integration, and transport, as well as methods for adaptation and learning in sub-national government. The series favours comparative studies, and especially volumes that compare international trends, themes, and developments, preferably with an interdisciplinary angle. Country-by-country comparisons may also be included in this series, provided that they contain solid comparative analyses.

Editors: Linze Schaap (Tilburg University), lead editor, Jochen Franzke (University of Potsdam), Filipe Teles (University of Aveiro), Hanna Vakkala (University of Lapland), Pieter van Wesemael (Eindhoven University of Technology).

Books will still have to be written. Proposals for monographs, edited volumes as well as short books – Palgrave pivots - are welcome!