Maurits Waardenburg

The Tilburg Center for Regional Law and Governance (TiREG) is excited to announce that it will have Maurits Waardenburg join its forces as PhD candidate. He will join us from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he graduated from the Master in Public Policy Program last May. He continues to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from where he will work on his PhD. Maurits will also continue as a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, with which TiREG closely collaborates. He will be supervised by Dr. Jorrit deJong at Harvard University and Prof.dr. Martijn Groenleer at Tilburg University.


Maurits will conduct PhD research on the topic of *performance management in collaborative governance settings at the regional level*. The tendencyto collaborate and work together as “one government” to tackle the myriad of complex societal challenges introduced by a rapidly changing environment has permanently permeated the Dutch public sector. While collaborative, networked governance is viewed as the cutting edge of public management, the new governance model has surfaced intricate, new performance management challenges. In traditional bureaucracies, compound policies were broken down to simple tasks for public managers, providing a clear mechanism for superiors to steer their efforts. New Public Management added maximization of customer satisfaction and services’ efficiency to the list of performance indicators. The networked governance model compromises these steering mechanisms: success is no longer measured through processes and outputs alone, but ultimately by the collaborative generation of public value. Maurits’s research will explore the nature of the new performance management challenges, particularly those introduced by new forms of regional governance, including those in the security and justice domain, the conditions that give rise to these challenges and promising interventions to deal with them in practice.

Short bio

Before his Master in Public Policy, Maurits studied International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management and worked for McKinsey & Company for two years. At McKinsey & Company, he spent the majority of his time consulting national governments and not-for-profit organizations in Africa and the Middle East on their development strategies. Coming February, he will rejoin McKinsey & Company, where he will continue to work part-time on his PhD. Between 2015 and 2016, Maurits was a research assistant to Dr Jorrit de Jong at Harvard University and to Prof.dr. Martijn Groenleer at Tilburg University, contributing to the Harvard-Tilburg research project ‘Wanted: Partners in the fight against organized crime’


Maurits can be contacted through: maurits.waardenburg@gmail.com