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Care for older Adults

People like to feel seen and heard, also when they become older. Older adults prefer to continue living their lives the same way as they used to do, even when they become dependent on care and support from others. Person-centered care enables this by putting individuals’ preferences and values at the heart of care decisions. As such, person-centered care focuses on maintaining the older adults’ identity, autonomy and their independence.

Within the Academic Collaborative Center (ACC) Care for Older Adults of Tranzo, older adults, (care professionals of) care organizations and scientists closely collaborate in realizing person-centered care for (vulnerable) older adults living at home and in nursing homes. The ACC conducts social scientific research on the perspectives of (vulnerable) older adults. By bundling the knowledge and skills of scientists, healthcare professionals and older adults themselves, research findings clearly provide insight into the preferences, values and goals of older adults. These insights are used to evaluate and innovate care. As such, we strive for older adults to be recognized as unique individuals and as equal partners in healthcare and to realize more person-centered care.

The ACC Care for Older Adults is led by prof. dr. Katrien Luijkx. The main overarching research theme is person-centered care for older adults. Subthemes include autonomy, technology, social networks and social needs, and improvement of quality of care.


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