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Mental Health Care

Within Tranzo's Academic Collaborative Center ‘Mental Health Care’, knowledge development and knowledge exchange in the field of mental health care are carried out in co-creation with practitioners.

Cooperation in the field of Mental Health Care

The Academic Collaborative Center was founded in 2003 and since then, GGz Eindhoven and de Kempen, GGz Breburg, and Tranzo - Tilburg University have been structurally cooperating in research and knowledge exchange in the field of mental health care. Recently, GGZ Westelijk Noord-Brabant and Reinier van Arkel joined as new partners.

This knowledge focuses on improving the quality of care and quality of life of people with mental disorders. For example, on how to increase clients' own insight into their needs; on the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions; on policy within organisations and the organisation of mental health care and its implications.

Central research themes

Spearheads in current/future research stem from the expertise of the endowed chairs established by the partners, namely:

  • Prof. Arno van Dam's chair focuses on antisocial behaviour, psychiatry and society.
  • Prof. Inge Bongers' chair focuses on sustainable innovation for (mental) health (care).
  • Prof. Chijs van Nieuwenhuizen's chair focuses on forensic mental health care.
  • Ambulantisation and deinstitutionalisation is the subject of Prof. Hans Kroon's research.
  • Prof. Koen Grootens MD PhD chair focuses on Shared decision making in people with severe mental disorders
  • Prof. Peter van der Velden's chair focuses on victims and mental health.

The GGz Breburg chair was vacant for some time after the departure of Prof. van der Feltz-Cornelis, but will soon be reoccupied by another professor with his own focus.

Two emiriti are involved with the Academic Collaborative Center:

  • Prof. Jaap van Weeghel's area of expertise is rehabilitation and social participation
  • Prof. Richard Janssen's area of expertise is economics and organisation of healthcare.

Besides these chairs, there are (PhD) senior researchers and science practioners active, whose research focuses on the care and improvement of the quality of life of various target groups (including people with autism, personality disorders, geriatric psychiatry, youth). Core themes include recovery and rehabilitation, collaborative decision-making, network collaboration, outcome information, involuntary care, well-being, (work) participation, interventions, implementation and destigmatisation.


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