Tranzo aw geestelijke gezondheid

Mental Health Care

Within the Academic Collaborative Center ‘Geestdrift’, researchers and Mental Health practitioners work closely together, on joint research projects and knowledge transfer in the area of Mental Health Care.

The program focuses on two areas in particular:

  1. Evaluation- and Effect research in Mental Health Care
    This line of research focuses on how to improve cost-effective healthcare for clients in Mental Health Care
  2. Policy and Organization of Mental Health Care
    This line of research focuses on how Mental Health Care organizations can improve their management and policy

There are 5 professors within the ACC Mental health Care, who all add their specific area of expertise and network. These are: 

  1. Forensic Mental Health Care
    Prof. dr. Chijs van Nieuwenhuizen
    The chair ‘Forensic Mental Health Care’ focuses on the development of theoretical models, and the development and evaluation of treatment within forensic mental health care. Research and teaching focuses on both forensic psychiatry and mental health care, especially of young clients (aged 12-23). The chair is financed by GGz Eindhoven en de Kempen.
  2. Rehabilitation and societal participation of people with severe mental illness
    Prof. dr. Jaap van Weeghel
    The Chair ‘Rehabilitation and societal participation of people with severe mental illness’ primarily focuses on effectiveness studies on rehabilitation programs, on predictors and determinants of societal participation and social distance to the target group. Also, it focuses on implementation studies that evaluate evidence based interventions in mental health care and rehabilitation practice. The chair is financed by Parnassia Groep.
  3. Evidence-based management in Mental Health Care
    Prof. dr. Inge Bongers
    The Chair 'Evidence-based Management in Mental Health Care' focuses on sustainable innovation in mental health and wellbeing, on the connection between social and technological innovation, multi-stakeholder approach, and transformations in Mental Health Care. 
  4. Deinstitutionalization in mental health care
    Prof. dr. Hans Kroon
    The Chair Deinstutionalization in Mental Health Care focuses on the process and outcomes of deinstutionalization. Deinstitutionalization refers to the process where people with severe mental illness can optimally participate and live in society, rather than in institutions. The chair focuses on how ambulant health care can be improved and how people with severe mental illness can be supported better in their participation in society. The chair is financed by Trimbos Institute.
  5. Economics and Organization of Health Care
    Prof. dr. Richard Janssen  
    This chair focuses on two research areas: First it aims to promote that effectiveness research in mental healthcare also includes costs evaluations, as to guarantee that adequate cost-effectiveness decisions can be made by health care organizations. A second focus is on the impact of financial governmental policy changes on health care. The Chair was originally initiated by the Stichting tot Bevordering van Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs en Onderzoek in de Gezondheidszorg (SWOOG).


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