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Development of New Knowledge House for Social Work

Published: 23rd November 2021 Last updated: 06th December 2021

In 2020, Prof. Dr. Tine Van Regenmortel, Professor at Tranzo and coordinator of the Academic Collaborative Center Social Work, was involved in the development of the Knowledge and Research Agenda Social Work. This research agenda has been a trigger for the development of a Knowledge House for Social Work. Social Work Netherlands and Movisie, among others, are currently working hard on this.

Social relevance

Social work is both a scientific discipline, and a professional field. The scientific discipline conducts research into what is going on in society. This is followed by the translation, in which we look at how professionals can use this to solve such issues. The science thus provides knowledge and tools to social workers, so they can do their work as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this way, energy can be invested in what is proven to work!

Social Work Knowledge and Research Agenda 2.0

"The Agenda came about through collaboration between all the parties involved. As a result, it has not become an agenda for policy, education and practice, but an agenda for policy, education and practice." explains Erna Hooghiemstra in the Movisie interview she gave, together with Lex Staal (Sociaal Werk Nederland) and Mariël van Pelt (Movisie). Tine will continue this co-creation and, as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board Social Work, will remain involved in the development of the Knowledge and Research Agenda Social Work 2.0, to be published by the end of 2021.

Social Work Knowledge House

This year the foundations for the Knowledge House are being laid. Work is underway on formulating the vision, how knowledge can be utilized, developed and shared, and what sustainable means can be used for this?

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