Tilburg Sustainability Center

Partners Tilburg Sustainability Center

The Tilburg Sustainability Center engages with a network of partners from inside and outside the university, from academic institutions, the public sector, civil organizations to corporations.
Inside the university community our partners are mentioned below, for a list of our global partners look right.


One of the novel elements of the TSC is to generate data through several large surveys among organizations that have a role in sustainability policy. Surveys considered to be developed are the Sustainable Consumers Survey, the Sustainable Investors Survey, and the Sustainable Companies Survey. This will be done in partnership with CentERdata.


The Brabant Centre for Sustainable Development. Telos is part of the TSC and concentrates upon the translation and operationalisation of sustainable development as a guiding and mobilizing instrument for regional planning and development processes. In doing so, Telos attempts to link fundamental research with strategic policy making in public-private contexts.

Sustainability Challenge Foundation

The SCF currently offers an 8-day International Program on the Management of Sustainability (IPMS).
The objective of the IPMS is to train participants in the techniques of multilateral dialogue to resolve the conflicts that arise in the context of implementing sustainable development.

Global Partners