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Current projects

CREE: Centre for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy

Completed projects

Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models and Up-scaling Regional Sustainability (GLAMURS)
FP7 ENTRACTE - Economic iNsTRuments to Achieve Climate Targets in Europe
VICI -Helping African agriculture
Energy Literacy (phase 1 & 2)
IPCC 5th Assessment Report Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Technological lock-in and policy implications (SSB)
HFC Web portal/FS Insight
FP7- Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR
Dilemma’s surrounding sustainable consumption
Energy saving & Behavioral experiments
Designation of Natura 2000 sites
Regulating Geo-engineering
Climate Change and Conflict
Legal issues in the Otapan case
Legal Aspects of Connectivity Conservation
Legal issues of the Antarctic Treaty System
Chair on Nature Conservation Law and Water Law
VENI -Towards climate change proof international nature conservation law
VIDI- Natural resources, endogenous institutions and economic growth
The co-evolution of renewable natural resources and informal institutions
SENSE – Sustaining eco-economic norms for a sustainable environment
PLANETS – Probabilistic Long-Term Assessment of New Energy Technology Scenarios
Three years REACH in the Netherlands
Energy Labels and Saving in the Housing Market