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Researchers Zero Hunger Lab

The Lab investigates how smart algorithms and analyses can help combat chronic malnutrition, famine, and at the same time, structurally strengthen local agriculture so that, eventually, it will become self-sufficient.

Do you want to contribute as a researcher?

In order to realize this, we are working on several projects with numerous partners. We are looking for passionate Master's students or PhD researchers who are willing to dedicate themselves to this, including from disciplines such as law or behavioral sciences. In addition, we have our own research agenda with projects we would like to work on in the future.

Examples of projects/research questions on the ever-changing Zero Hunger Lab agenda:

  • What does COVID-19 mean for food security in slums and refugee camps?
  • Develop an online game with which we can show the enormous impact of reversing emergency supply chains.
  • How can we better coordinate and optimize interregional food chains in East Africa?
  • What does a smallholder farmer or cooperative in Liberia need to record and disclose valuable experience and knowledge for prescriptive analytics?
  • How can we ensure that, even during a war, investments are made to maintain the local food supply?
  • How can we make the Caribbean Netherlands less dependent on imported food? 

Do you, as a researcher, want to contribute to more food security in the world? Then please contact us.


Hunger is a worldwide problem. I like the idea of helping to solve it. In my opinion, Data Science and Operations Research can contribute enormously to Zero Hunger.

Robert Poos, MSc. student Business Analytics and Operations Research