Solidaridad Sugar Cane

Fair and sustainable supply chain for sugar cane

Solidaridad asked the Zero Hunger Lab how they could use data to contribute as much as possible to the development of a fair and sustainable supply chain of sugar cane and palm oil.

Solidaridad currently collects most of its data upstream of the supply chain (at farmer level). Therefore, the organization does not have a lot of information available to evaluate the value distribution across the entire sugar cane supply chain.

The Zero Hunger Lab uses the so-called True Price methodology to assess the fairness and sustainability of the sugar cane supply chain. The research also shows how data collection can be improved and identifies which factors have the greatest impact on the sugar cane supply chain. In this way, Solidaridad can start collecting data on these factors in a targeted way.

Solidaridad is an international civil society organization with 50 years of experience in making supply chains more sustainable. Together with everyone in the chain—from farmers to multinationals—they work on fair products that do not harm people or the environment and are profitable for everyone.


The researcher of Zero Hunger Lab focus on these questions:

  1. How are the processes in the supply chain of sugarcane composed?
  2. How can data contribute to a fair and sustainable value distribution in agricultural supply chains?
  3. What data is necessary for Solidaridad to collect and which data is currently available, regarding the value distribution in the sugarcane chain? 
  4. How can Solidaridad make optimal use of its collected data, and to what extent does this contribute to a fair value distribution in the sugarcane supply chain?


Nick Grosfeld - Master student

Stephan Spanjaart - Master student

Cindy Kuijpers - Researcher