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Students help FIOD and OM optimize the taking back of criminal money

Four Master's students from Tilburg Law School spent a month this summer at the FIOD, the Investigation Service of the Tax Authorities. They went through actual (anonymised) criminal cases to see how criminal money could be better taken away from perpetrators.

Based on this, they were able to make recommendations about how to deal with criminal equity more efficiently and effectively. These recommendations are confidential however.

The students received the assignment as part of a Law Clinic; a master's course in which law students have to solve a practical assignment, under the supervision of researchers. In this case, it involved cooperation between the tax and criminal law departments of Tilburg law School on the one hand, and the Public Prosecution Service and the FIOD in the context of their triple A project on the other.

The students have all indicated that they can recommend this Law Clinic to other students and rated it very highly. FIOD, OM and Tilburg Law School are all very satisfied and have expressed their wish to continue this concept. A follow-up is currently being developed.

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