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Erik P.M. Vermeulen on Corporate Reporting and ESG in Tbilisi (Georgia)

Erik P.M. Vermeulen gave a keynote presentation on "Corporate Reporting and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance)" at the "Corporate Governance of Public Interest Entities in Georgia: What's Next?" event.

Most issues between companies and its various stakeholders are often the result of the company’s failure to communicate properly. The better-governed companies understand that communication is not a one-way process of information disclosure but, instead, a more engaged, responsive and open process that encourages dialogue on ESG-related topics.

Many alternative means can now be used for communicating. For instance, business leaders can interact with a company’s stakeholders via an “annual letter.” A well-documented example of a company that has adopted this type of approach is Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ annual letters to investors are considered a “must-read” for anyone with interest in Amazon. What is perhaps most interesting is that these letters not only provide investors and other stakeholders with last year’s performance and future developments and growth prospects but also include business advice and insights. It is not surprising that these letters attract enormous attention on social media.