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Erik P.M. Vermeulen on The Future of Corporate Governance in Tbilisi (Georgia)

Erik P.M. Vermeulen gave a keynote presentation on The "Future" of Corporate Governance at the "Corporate Governance of Public Interest Entities in Georgia: What's Next?" event. The event in Tbilisi was organized by the World Bank’s Centre for Financial Reporting Reforms (CFRR) together with IFC, National Bank of Georgia and SARAS.

The presentation particularly focused on the role and composition of the board of directors/supervisory board. In a digital age, these boards increasingly operate at the intersection of technology (digital transformation), content (data-driven products/services), environment (the interest of all stakeholder), and culture (a "best-idea-wins-culture" and open communication).

Every board must understand and use these "ingredients" (technology, content, environment, and culture) to find the best candidates for the job. It's only to be expected that more millennials will serve on the boards of companies and other organizations in the near future.