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Invitation: 27 June Conference on Psychological Health Impact of Trafficking in Human Beings (PHIT)

Tilburg University warmly invites you to the intermediate conference of the European Research Project 'Psychological Health Impact of THB for sexual exploitation on female victims (PHIT)'. This conference provides an update of existing knowledge from a multidisciplinary perspective and the first results of the analyses.

Trafficking  in  Human  Beings  (THB)  for  sexual  exploitation  is  a  serious  violation  of  human  rights  and  a  clear  form  of  violence  against  women.  Victimization  processes  associated  with  Trafficking  in  Human  Beings  have  serious  consequences  on  these  women’s  lives  and  health  (physical,  sexual  and  psychological  health). In order to find an adequate approach to allow the recovery of survivors it is necessary to study these consequences in depth. Furthermore we aim to understand how the psychological well-being of victims is affected by interventions and interactions with public and private stakeholders.

Conference program
Due to the multidisciplinary approach we have invited a diverse group of experts to present their experience and ideas from a perspective of law enforcement and psychological assistance. An updated program will be shared via e-mail after registration.

Attending the conference is free of charge. Please register by using the following link: before the 22nd of June.

Cinecitta is a five minute walk from Tilburg Central Station. If you want to come by car you can park at the Parking Pieter Vreedeplein, entrance Telegraafstraat.
Willem II straat 29, Tilburg.
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We look forward to seeing you.