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TILT IP clinic with Crossyn Automotive

On Friday, the 4th of May 2018, the students participating in the TILT IP clinic with Crossyn Automotive presented the results of their 2-months long research on intellectual property law in the era of connected cars.

Crossyn is a Tilburg-based startup that developed an advanced analytics platform that collects, analyses, and enriches vehicle sensor data. The insights from these data can be used to create personalised data driven mobility services, while making sure the driver remains in control of their data.

Automotive industry is currently facing disruptive changes posed by big data and connectivity, summed up as smart mobility, which is at the core of Crossyn’s business. In such competitive and innovative environment having a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio is paramount, especially for a startup. Thus, the students of the TILT clinic were tasked with advising Crossyn on an appropriate IP framework that could be applied to their products and services.

To do this the students, under supervision of their mentors from Tilburg University and Crossyn, conducted a fact-finding exercise and several interviews with Crossyn staff, in order to understand Crossyn’s business objectives and potential IP assets, and performed normative research on applicable legislation and relevant case-law.

Based on that they first identified Crossyn’s products and services that could benefit from IP protection and then proposed to Crossyn the areas of IP law that are pertinent to their IP assets, including database rights, patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, and license agreements, and addressed possible courses Crossyn could follow with their IP strategy.

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