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Bilateral treaties and corporate impunity: the recent developments of the Chevron Ecuador case before the Permanent Court of Arbitration

On August 30, 2018, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague issued an award in favor of the oil company Chevron, finding that the Republic of Ecuador violated its obligations to protect foreign companies under international treaties, investment agreements and international law. The tribunal consequently held that the company is not obliged to comply with the $9.5 billion judgment rendered against Chevron in Ecuador in 2011 for the oil contamination crime perpetrated over decades in the Ecuadorean Amazon.

Pablo Fajardo, lawyer of the Union of Affected People by ChevronTexaco, representing the 30.000 victims of the oil contamination, and Justino Piaguaje, President of the Secoya Indigenous people, will reflect on the applicability of the award against the Ecuadorian plaintiffs. The case will inspire a discussion on the stand of the Permanent Court of Arbitration vis-à-vis environmental crimes and the risk that bilateral treaties may act as a shield protecting transnationals from accountability for human rights violations. Professor Jonathan Verschuuren (EIP) and Anna Berti Suman (TILT) will facilitate the discussion.

  • Where: Tilburg University, Tilburg Law School (M Building). Room: Faculty Lounge.
  • When: October 26, 2018. Time: h 13:00-14:30.

When: 26 October 2018 13:00

End date: 26 October 2018 14:30